Throwback Thursday: A Dog and her Girls

I had a dream about Madison the other night. It seemed so real that when I awoke, I momentarily forgot that it’s been nearly two months since she left us.

Perhaps that dream occurred because I’d been looking through old files on my computer and came across these, from the spring of 2008 when Ella was three, Annie was one, and Maddy was a spry young seven.

Sand burial.

Sharing secrets.

Sunlit cuddles are always awesome.

I hadn’t seen those photos in years – maybe since they were taken – but they made me remember, despite how the girls often ignored her, and how she resented them usurping her position on the priority list, that they really were buddies, once upon a time.

I hope Maddy’s basking in the sun, wherever she is, feeling warm not only from the rays, but also with the knowledge that, truly, she was loved.

And I hope someone’s petting the heck out of her, our attention seeker who could never get enough. ‘Cause otherwise, eternity’s an awfully long time for her to hold a grudge.

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