Five, Seven, Five… Starbucks!

written in the form of a
haiku; because duh

Seven syllables:
Caramel Macchiato
Coincidence? No.

Your green signs beckon
like a beacon or lighthouse
or maybe Wendy’s

My kids recognized
your logo before age two
(That’s kind of creepy)

Overpriced java
Three dollars for a dry roast?
Have you lost your mind?

But, oh, the lattes!
(and sometimes frappuccinos)
So totes delicious

I’m frugal elsewhere
so I’ll joyfully indulge
in this happiness

Refillable cup
received as a Christmas gift
(thanks, mom and Steven!)

Which translated as
Free (to me) lattes daily
in January

photo-66Warm deliciousness
during this otherwise cold
cold, cold, snowy month

Daily Starbucks runs
are not normally part of
my weekly routine

But with the prospect
of free lattes all month long,
I could change my ways

I started out plain:
Caramel Macchiatos
(soy milk, decaf, please)

Then came the syrups:
Hazelnut and vanilla,
Cinnamon dolce

Trying drinks I never had
ordered before now

(Because even when
you love Starbucks, fancy drinks
soon become old news)

Gleeful discov’ry –
the Starbucks secret menu
Internet, you rock

I’ve hit up eight stores
within twenty miles of home
Buffalo once, too

Plus one in O’Hare,
three more in the Twin Cities,
one in MSP

Would you look at that –
boldly making connections
Lattes for congress!

It’s a miracle
that I didn’t lose the cup
Take that, ADD

Frothy, foamy, hot
heaven-sent deliciousness
yum, yum, yum, yum, yum

But all good things end
or at least promotions do
(stupid bottom line)

January’s done
Which means that free Starbucks drinks
will then be no more

Tears freely falling
Sadness overflowing from
deep within my soul

(Um, that’s so not true
But no more daily joe will
suck #firstworldproblems)

It’s been a fun month
trying new drinks, indulging.
Feeling grateful, glad

If Starbucks has this
same promo next December,
I’ll be first in line

I’ve got to go now –
The day isn’t over yet;
one last coffee run

In the name of the
Lattes, frappuccinos, and
hot choc’late, AMEN.

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