Adventures in Annie

Three days… three separate conversations…


So… who’re you talking to?

“Oh, just my toes.”

Excuse me?

“My toes. They all have names.”

I’m not even sure how to respond to that.

“Wanna know their names?”

I’m guessing I don’t have a choice.

(pointing) “These are Alissa, Annie…”

You named a toe after yourself?

“… Grace, Anna, Katelyn, Kathryn, Molly, Hannah, Lucy, and this big one is Chenille.”

Chenille? You named one of your toes Chenille?

“They’re sisters and they’re really funny.”

I just bet they are.

6.23 pedi girls


“Hey, Annie. Mom says you named your toes.”

“Yes, I did.”

“So, what are their names?”

“Welllll…. They’re… Anna, Elsa, Hannah, Harper, Molly, Marin, Grace, Lilly, Jojo, and Polly.”

“I thought one of them was Chenille.”

“Ohhhhh, right. This big one is Chenille. I just forgot.”

“You forg…”

“And these (points to fingers) are Lucille, Camille, and Chenille.”

“You also have a finger named Chenille?”

“Yes. They’re twins.”

fourth toes


“Mama – did you know that my toes can lose their teeth?”

Yet again, I’m not sure how to respond to that.

“They do! Chenille already lost hers.”

She did?

“Yes. Except when toes lose their teeth, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t bring them any money.”


“No. All they get is a letter and some glitter.”

That’s a bummer.

“Yeah. I’m glad I’m a person and not a toe.”

Aren’t we all.


You cannot make this stuff up.

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