Honey Do

Mama, why do you always check that book when we eat lunch together?

Because it’s my to-do book. I write down all of the stuff that I need to do, because otherwise I’ll forget, and then I cross things off when I do them. And I like to do it at lunch because then I can figure out what I’ll be doing this afternoon before I teach piano.


Oh, okay. I like to do that, too. I make really important lists.

You do?

Yes. They say things like, “Ask mommy if we can watch the movie.”

What movie?

Any movie. That’s why I have the list. So I can remember to keep asking.

Gotcha. Smart move. Gotta have a goal.

When I was younger, I had different lists.

You’re six.

Right. So when I was really young, I’d write lists of things that I’d already done, and then I’d check them off.

Hey, I just did that! I emptied the trash cans and then I wrote it down just now so I could cross it off. I’m with you, sister!

You’re not my sister.


And I wasn’t emptying trash cans. I would just write down, you know, all of the important stuff from my day.

Like what?

Ohhh, just the big stuff. “Get a haircut.” “Read books.” “Play with my dolls.” “Get dressed.” “Eat breakfast.” And then, since I’d already done them, I’d cross them off!

I see.

My schedule was very full.


You know what else was always on my list?

What’s that?

“Hug Mommy.” ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to forget that.

You’d manage to squeeze in a hug, even with your busy schedule?

Yes. I can always work you in.

Thanks. I appreciate you finding the time for me.

Check in with me later. I’m really busy today, since it’s pajama day at school.

You’d think this would make for a more relaxed day.

It’s hard when you’re so busy.

Preach it, sister.

I’m not your sister.

But you’re a sister.

 I need to get back to work now. I’ll pencil you in for later.

See you then.

So wish I had her dimples. And the ability to wear pajamas to work.
Either way, I’ll take her hugs any time.