M is for Most Cool!

Every year, Nick asks me what I’d like for Mother’s Day. And every year, my response is pretty much the same:
1. Some time with the kids
2. Some time by myself to use the computer, preferably with…
3. Starbucks, and also
4. “Some nice words” from the girls

This year, Nick grabbed our family’s recent love of cooking shows by the lapels and, with Ella and Annie’s enthusiastic approval, signed us all up for a Mother’s Day brunch class at the New York Wine and Culinary Center  . It was both delicious and informative, as well as a clever way of “making” me brunch without actually having to do all of the work.

Following our brunch, I grabbed my laptop and settled myself into our dining room (hardly the most private room in the house, but, given that we lack an office, it’s far better than the highly-trafficked kitchen) — Starbucks in hand — to spend a couple of hours typing away. For several years now, I’ve used Mother’s Day as an opportunity to reach out to all my mom friends and tell them why I think they’re good mamas, as well as to write letters to Ella and Annie detailing the reasons why it was awesome (or fun or crazy or exasperating or all of the above) being their mom this past year. This is hardly rocket science, but it does take a certain level of concentration — and time. Lots of time. Hours. Which sometimes calls for more than one Starbucks, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Nick tried to usher the girls away and keep them occupied while I worked. His first plan seemed to involve some sort of craft (I kept hearing whispering) as well as admonishments to not bother Mommy, because she’s working. This was effective for about eight minutes, until Nick left the girls’ side and I began to hear murmurs of discontent from the other room.

And then, this… (as seen on Facebook)

Just now:(whispering) “Girls, I’m going to go outside, so please continue this here and don’t bother Mommy, okay?”
“Okay, Daddy…”
(five minutes later)
“Mommy… Sorry to bother you, but do you know a good word that starts with a Y for an acrostic poem?”
Um… Youthful? Young? Yes? Yummy?
“That’s great!”(ten seconds later)
“What about the letter O?”
“Ohhh, that’s good!”
(twenty seconds later)
“Just one more… What about the letter H?”
How about helpful? Harmonious? Hilarious?
“Yes! That will work!”

If I receive a card addressed to a yummy, outstanding, hilarious mother, I will be SHOCKED, I tell you. SHOCKED.

Well. You can imagine my shock…


Up close…

Looks like I can safely cross “Some nice words from the girls” off my list.
I wonder what would happen next year if I asked for a surprise housecleaning…

BTW – I am so totally adding “Yesarific” to my vocabulary.

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